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One of the few times where Iroh is blunt as hell

Iroh was the best man

azula + zuko

ok so real quick complaint→



here you have zuko

he just came back to the show. he’s a firelord now and he’s riding dragons and taking action and as ready to take down bad guys as he ever was. he’s already a fucking badass.

then we have katara.

she was here for, what, three books now? she’s an established…

As much as it would be awesome for Katara to do the things that we know she can do, I honestly think it would be grossly out of character for old Katara to be going around kicking people’s asses.

She spent a lot of time- a lot of time -in the original series mastering her aggressiveness, and after being married to friggin’ Aang of all people, I just don’t see violent solutions to problems being in her inventory of acceptable options.

Blood Bending is outlawed BECAUSE OF HER.  Katara is, at heart, a healer, and always has been.  She fixes people.  The seas have grown calm in their age;  Zuko, by contrast, was, is, and will always be, a fighter.  Not just in a physical sense, but philosophically.  The essence of Zuko’s being is struggle, that fire will grow until it’s ashes.

Having old Katara slap people around with water bending is kind of insulting to the idea of Katara- in my opinion.  If you want to see Katara being a bad ass water bending master, go watch the original series again.


songs of the Avatar universe
Leaves from The Vine


songs of the Avatar universe

Leaves from The Vine

make me choose - ashesandhalefire asked: ponytail!zuko or fullheadofhair!zuko


Avatar the last airbender bending scrolls


Now I have a new drive, I have to help you defeat my father and restore balance to the world. 


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